Tile Adhesive
Tile Adhesive are water activated bonding solutions that are formulated for the constructional applications to fixe tiles and marbles over the walls and floors. They are highly popular due to their high bond strength and faster settling time.
White Cement
White Cement are powdered constructional materials that resembles the same properties as that of a gray cementitious mixture except for the color which is achieved by the added metal oxides mainly manganese and iron for the extra whiteness.
Gypsum Powder
Gypsum Powder are high performance earthy materials with excellent workability and mixability that make them commonly useful in the construction of blackboards, plasters,sidewalk chalks and drywalls. These powdered substances can also be used as a fertilizer in agricultural applications.
Wall Putty
We are offering premium grade Wall Putty for the finishing of the walls by making a uniform and smooth layer that makes it very easier to paint the surfaces and provides an excellent finish. Buyers can get these products from us at a reasonable and low price.

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